Currently accepting players ages 4-19

Practice Only Players

Practice Only players are NOT rostered to a team and will not have games against other  teams. Players will receive the opportunity to train 2 times per week.  The focus of these players is to increase game comprehension, skill development and physical development.  Players that participate will practice with Development Players and still benefit from the same great instruction and development.  This should keep your weekends free from travel and games.  Ages 8-18.

Travel Development Players

Development players are rostered to a team and will have games against other regional teams within their own age bracket and skill level. The focus of these teams is to increase game comprehension, skill development and physical development.  Players that participate in development may or may not be invited to move to an Elite team. 


Elite Players

Players on Elite Teams are by invite only from the Director of Coaching.  Players on Elite teams typically demonstrate strong abilities and a high level of physical conditioning.  Additional practice beyond what is included from the club is typical for an Elite Player. Elite teams typically play against teams that are older than their age bracket by 1 to 2 years.   These teams enter tournaments which can be considered costly and very demanding on one's schedule.

Current Active Teams:

6 and Under program

Under 8s

u9/10 Mix





u16 Girls



Wouldn't it be great to have an assistant film your games, edit your footage, and track player performance? Well, we are pleased to introduce you to TRACE_BOT.

TRACE_BOT is the artificial intelligence behind our entire system, from filming, to automatic editing, to player performance metrics. We're trying to take as much work off your plate as possible because our mission is to deliver players their soccer moments lightning fast.

Players wear a 0.6oz Tracer that sits in a special sleeve on the back of their dominant leg. Tracers are jam-packed with gizmos and gadgets that help TRACE_BOT understand the finer details of a match so it can automatically edit and provide performance metrics.



Tactical Radar
The Tactical Radar gives you a real-time location of all the players on the field. Coaches love the radar to help manage the shape of the game.

Player Performance Metrics
Our metrics include minutes played, distance ran, top speed, Max Efforts, and Stamina.

Player Heatmap
See where a player spent most of their time on the field with the Player Heatmap.


Video footage



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Elite Girls
Elite Girls

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